Library Carpentry is software skills training aimed at the needs and requirements of library professionals (that is, coding and data manipulation that goes beyond the use of familiar office suites). It is made by librarians, for librarians to help you:

Training takes places in face-to-face workshops where one or more of the developed modules are taught. Modules are also made available online (CC BY, published via GitHub Pages) for self-directed study or for adaption and reuse by library professionals.

Thanks to the generosity of British Library Labs, Library Carpentry has £500 (or non-GBP equivalent) available to an individual or group who wish to run a Library Carpentry workshop at a library or for librarians. A Library Carpentry workshop is a face-to-face event where one or more of the currently developed modules are taught. Each module is designed to be taught over a half-day and a typical workshop combines these over one or more days, consecutive or otherwise (for more on what a Library Carpentry workshop is, see our About page).

Applications for these funds should include the following information:

Applications should be sent as an attachment to by 16 December 2016. The funded workshop should take place by July 2017. Applicatants will be notified in early-January 2017. Those that are not selected, we’ll do our best to support in some way!

By James Baker